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Events – August 21, 2017

BTA to speak at the 2017 Whistler WoodTalks

BTA Principal, Shinobu Homma, will be presenting at the 2017 WoodTalks in Whistler on Friday, September 8.

Shinobu will take attendees through the design and construction process of the Guildford Aquatic Centre’s 95 foot span integrated truss system. Consisting of prefabricated, integrated, white-washed wood trusses with all the lighting, mechanical ductwork and acoustic absorption integrated into it, these long space trusses lend both an architectural and technical significance to the aquatic centre. The trusses add a visually interesting texture to the white interior, cleanly integrating the building services and, in a cat walk fashion, making them fully accessible and safe to operations staff at all times.

The WoodTalks are part of the BC Wood sponsored Global Buyers Mission that runs in Whistler. BC from September 7 – 9, 2017.