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Rising Tides and City Building: The BTAworks Climate Change Gauge @ The Museum of Vancouver

Andrew Yan January 20, 2016
Cultural Sustainablity

As part of the Museum of Vancouver and Urbanarium’s Your Next Vancouver: Creating the Next Vancouver  exhibition, the BTAworks team presents the Climate Change Gauge. Water has always shaped both the identity and destiny of Vancouver as the city lives, works, plays, and trades on an ever changing shoreline. In an era of climate change, sea level rise will be one of the transformative forces governing the future of the city and its region. This gauge is one way of visualizing the realities and consequences of climate change for future and all generations of city thinkers, builders, and shapers. Each mark presents a climate scenario for a city that will have to mitigate, adapt, protect, and, perhaps, retreat.

The text panel for the Gauge:



The pole was created by BTAworks Build team members: Michael Heeney, Eileen Keenan, Marius Hexan, Philppe Saurel, and Maryia Sakharevich with John Readshaw (SNC Lavalin).


(from left to right) Philppe, Maryia, Marius, Eileen, and John on Opening Night at the MoV…Michael Heeney missing

The following are images of the team and MoV staff raising the pole. No architects, architectural students, architectural interns, museum staff, and mesooceanic engineers were harmed in the making of the Gauge.