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News – October 6, 2016

Our Beloved Bing

Our beloved Bing, in robust health, passed away, October 4th, of a brain aneurism under the kind care of Eastern Hospital in his beloved birthplace, Hong Kong. Luk Kwok Hotel was home and Sally Aw was a sister here.

His life’s work culminated in the Xiqu CentreĀ here, his homecoming project. Just as in North America the Central City project with Simon Fraser University transformed this emerging downtown into one of the highest growth centres in Metro Vancouver, the Mead CenterĀ for American Theater at Arena Stage transformed Southwest Washington DC, the Trinity River Uptown Plan together with Tarrant County College transformed downtown Fort Worth, Texas, his recent work in China will soon have similar impacts there. This includes the important role that the Binhai Civic Centre & Theatre will contribute to the new Binhai Cultural District of Tianjin, the Shijiazhuang Performing Arts Center to Shijiazhuang and the Shenyang Kerry Centre to central Shenyang.

Bing believed architecture transcends the building, to shine its light onto its whole surroundings. He was so happy his architects also pursue this adventure of ‘building beyond buildings’.

– Bonnie Thom

Company statement is available here.

Messages of condolences sent to will be shared with family and staff.