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Revery Architecture Inc. (Revery) is an award-winning, Vancouver-based, and internationally recognized architecture, interior design, and planning practice. We are renowned for providing innovative and unique customized solutions for our global clients.

Revery is led by Design Principal Venelin Kokalov, the studio’s long-time creative lead. Venelin is widely recognized for his bold architectural statements and his audacious and beautiful designs envisioned through his personal artistic philosophy, extraordinary creative vision, and intuition. Under his leadership, Revery continues to deliver elegant, functional, and sophisticated buildings that engage, inspire, and become catalysts for positive change and growth within the communities. In recent years Revery has been awarded prestigious design competition wins, international commissions, and many local landmark projects.

“I am deeply thankful to the late Bing Thom for the friendship, the trust, and the opportunities he gave me. He let me be who I am.
Bing will always have a place in my heart.”

– Venelin Kokalov

Team members and models at Revery Architecture's Vancouver Studio.
Study models on display.


Committed to a philosophy of ‘Building Beyond Buildings’, Revery’s design-oriented studio is passionate about creating exciting and mindful spaces that challenge the norm, exceed expectations, and evoke positive emotions and enriching experiences.

Whether it’s a building, an interior, or an urban landscape, Revery’s innovative design process effectively navigates the complexities and challenges inherent in each commission. Our dedicated team combines in-depth expertise with exceptional creative talent to successfully accentuate the beauty and latent opportunities intrinsic to each project’s site, program, and purpose. In all projects, Social and Environmental Sustainability and Material Assembly are lines of inquiry that Revery explores that ultimately inform the entire design process.

Study models on display.
Library spaces at Revery Architecture's Vancouver Studio.


Our team of ambitious architects, designers and staff, hails from more than a dozen different countries and provides a wealth of international expertise, multi-cultural sensitivity, passion, and exceptional creative talent.

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Working models and sketches.