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Building Beyond Buildings

Revery Architecture (Revery) is an internationally recognized architecture, interior design, and planning practice. Committed to a philosophy of ‘Building Beyond Buildings,’ we are passionate about placemaking and aligning architecture with broader community initiatives to shape inspiring, authentically responsive spaces that stimulate human interactions, engage the senses, improve quality of life, and bring joy.

Placemaking is inherent to our practice and animates each of our designs. In all our projects, we prioritize how the built environment can engage with and positively influence the social space. We create design solutions that resonate with their local communities and evoke pride and collective ownership.

Revery Architecture Sketches

Building Resilient Places

Our innovation-oriented studio balances creative reverie with technical excellence and a sensitive urban planning approach that is guided by the people and natural settings we serve.

At the core of our practice is our commitment to realizing designs that are resilient, transformative, and supportive of individual, civic, and global sustainability goals. We believe that buildings should be inspirational, embrace nature, and enrich the social, economic, cultural, and environmental conditions of their communities.

With more than 15 years of experience achieving LEED Gold, BEAM Plus Gold and similar certifications for our projects, Revery has developed techniques to meet sustainability goals and budgets while mitigating project challenges and delivering state-of-the-art facilities.

Revery Architecture Studio in Vancouver, BC
Library spaces at Revery Architecture's Vancouver Studio.


“I am deeply thankful to the late Bing Thom for the friendship, the trust, and the opportunities he gave me. He let me be who I am. Bing will always have a place in my heart.”   —Venelin Kokalov

Revery is led by the studio’s long-time design lead Venelin Kokalov. Based in Vancouver, BC, with a new office in Milan, Italy, our team hails from more than 18 countries, contributing to the rich international expertise, multi-cultural understanding, and passion of our studio. We pride ourselves on our diverse, open-minded perspective, and receptive approach to inclusivity, which we carry through our work.

Together, we aspire to create generous and practical places that stimulate the senses, respond sensitively to context, and possess material expression that enables them to endure and flourish.


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