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Butterfly Piano by Revery Architecture

Client   Westbank Corp.
Builder   Fazioli
Status   Completed 2018
Related Project   The Butterfly
Photography   Roberto Zava, Ema Peter, The Collective You

Butterfly Piano

When Revery first began working on The Butterfly residential high-rise, our client’s only direction was: ‘Take my breath away’. For us, this was an inspirational challenge.

From the beginning of our creative process on The Butterfly, we sought to create an environment that would influence people, their perceptions, and their experiences.

Venelin’s design for the Butterfly Piano – a hand-built Fazioli – seeks to capture the same experiential qualities inherent in the design of the Butterfly tower itself. The lightness of the piano’s legs and rails echoes the Butterfly’s open garden breezeways – while its delicately sculpted geometry evokes the soft undulations of the tower’s skin, abstracted from the surrounding landscape.

Multiple views
Hand-built piano by Fazioli
Hand-built piano by Fazioli
Rear view of Butterfly Piano
Butterfly Piano by Revery Architecture
Side view of Butterfly Piano by Revery Architecture
Close-up view of detail
Close-up view of detail

We see the Butterfly Piano as an empty vessel, one that both reflects and befits its space but is equally free to be titled by each individual and with every encounter. We invite the pianist to sculpt their audience’s perception of the design with each performance and hope that every listener will freely attach their own associations to the piano as the music carries them away.

Young girl playing Fazioli